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公司名稱 坤璜企業股份有限公司 
公司統編 23846682 
公司電話 037986006 
公司傳真 037984838 
公司地址 苗栗縣銅鑼鄉銅鑼村民權路九號 
公司產業分類 護具成品: 球類/慢跑護具,醫療/保健護具,工業/其他護具
護具半成品/原料: 發泡
主要營業項目 PU 發泡泡棉, Poliyou PU foam, 鞋墊, shoes insoles, 護具代工 
公司介紹 KUN HUANG developed the POLIYOU® foam material independently. The POLIYOU® foam material provides special properties, such as superior ventilation, well dampness absorption, and anti-bacteria & anti-fungus. It has not only obtained cross-countries patents, but also adopted by many famous global brands, including NIKE, ECCO, NEW BALANCE, PUMA, Reebok, Hotter, Florsheim, Dr. Martem, Clarks, Walmart, etc. On the strength of KUN HUANG's sales network across Europe, Asia, and America, the sales of POLIYOU® insoles achieved tens of millions each year and earned a lot of foreign exchange for Taiwan as well. KUN HUANG, an insole corporation located at the Tunglo Industrial Park in Miaoli County, was introduced ISO-9002 international authentication to guarantee the quality, was accredited the international quality certificate by KEMA from Netherlands on February 23, 1999 and also accredited the ISO-9001 DNV by the International Organization for Standardization in 2001. The rigid internal management system, intelligent employee training programs, and agile improvement for quality management are the keystones for KUN HUANG Corp.

The production technology of POLIYOU® was also registered the worldwide patents more than 30 countries. After decades of export trade, KUN HUANG plans to introduce the POLIYOU® insoles to the domestic market. The CEO of KUN HUANG wishes that all the domestic consumers would know “A pair of good shoes should have a pair of good insoles. Consumers should have the ability to choose shoes.” It infers “Having a pair of shoes with a pair of insoles which could keep shoes odor free is so called good shoes.”

POLIYOU® shoe materials and insoles propounded the innovation of smell-less shoes. POLIYOU® reversed the traditional notion that the odor smell is produced by the feet and consumers themselves. Through over 20 years of efforts, KUN HUANG obtained the breakthrough on the technology of POLIYOU® insoles. The ISO-9001 also symbolizes the grand quality guarantee for consumers' health and comforts. KUN HUANG hopes that every consumer in the world would like to use POLIYOU® insoles. The final goal of KUN HUANG is to achieve the company's sustainable management and pursuing smell-free shoes. 
聯絡人姓名 洪長谷