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【公告】 國際天使與創業投資峰會(9/5)-閃約徵件開跑! (Speed Dating Registration is now OPEN! )

發佈日期 2018-06-28

台經院所舉辦的國際天使與創業投資峰會即將於9/5 (三)於台大醫院國際會議中心201會議室舉行

- 閃約媒合即日起至7/19(四)公開徵件!!!!


為讓新創企業與投資人建立聯繫與直接交流的機會,本屆2018國際天使與創業投資峰會除安排新創企業展示之外,更將於峰會當日(9/5)下午舉辦投資媒合閃約(Speed Dating)活動,以「10分鐘1對1對談」方式進行,讓參與展示的新創企業能與投資者有更深入的互動。 由於名額有限,本次活動預計邀集30家國內外投資機構出席,公開徵選40家新創企業進行對談。上午論壇即將開放報名,再請密切關注!

l   2016年共40家新創與26家投資機構參與閃約,共8家新創特別獲得投資人關注,於2016、2017年陸續獲投:


2.關鍵評論網The News Lens獲度金針、資鼎等投資B輪200~300萬USD。(2017.3)

3.曙客FunNow最懂生活的App獲中華開發創新加速基金投資pre A輪150萬USD。(2017.6)
l   2017年共49家新創與33家投資機構參與閃約,共7家新創透過峰會獲得投資,例如華元生技、勢得科研等。


報名方式:想報名請點我 (內含活動細節、媒合機構、相關注意事項)


As we aim to create opportunities for startups to interact individually with investors, there will be a Speed Dating on the afternoon of Sept. 5 (Wed.); the activity will proceed in a series of “10-minute dating” .

Having 30 domestic and international investors present in total; we will openly select 40 startups to interact with investors .

Startups interested in the event and would like to know more details, please register at deadline:July 19)
u Matchup Results:
l   We have 40 startups and 26 investors participating speed dating in 2016, and 8 startups win the attention from the investors. They received investment in 2016 and 2017, listed as follows:

① Cubexus raised NT$1 million funding from SparkLabs. (2016.10)

② The News Lens received their US$2-3 million B round funding led by WISKEY Capital and Trinity Investment Corporation. (2017.3)

③ FunNow gained US$ 1.5M Pre-A round funding led by China Development Financial. (2017.6)
l   In 2017, 49 startups and 33 investors participated speed dating, and 7 startupsreceived investment afterwards, such as Huayuan Biotechnology, co.and  STAREK Scientific.

Sign up! And you will be very likely to get your business funded! 


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