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1210 氣墊減壓坐墊 Air Pad Seat Cushion

護具類型 【 成品 】 - 醫療/保健護具
產品介紹 Air Pad Seat Cushion
Independent air pads & 3D breathable ionized foam
Air pads allow you to adjust your unique and most comfortable sitting posture
材質/特色 *持續適壓抒壓,穩定與平衡坐姿。壓力分散,降低皮膚受壓迫。
Stabilize and balance your sitting position and constantly relieve pressure on your gluteus, back and spine
Air pads can cup your gluteus muscles and this avoids pain and strain, and keeps more stress off your back’s muscles, joints, and ligaments.
適合用途 持續適壓抒壓,穩定與平衡坐姿。壓力分散,降低皮膚受壓迫。
顏  色 如圖
規格尺寸 *Air Pad Size:4.5cm*4.5cm*4.5cm。
Extreme light weight and portable
公司資料 晶晏國際企業有限公司(連結廠商專頁)
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